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2021 Chick Season

The Flock Update

For the 2021 season we added some new breeds and expanded that color wheel! This summer was busy.. I worked on expanding the gene pool, continued with the Silverudd project, and even added a few new breeds.

My goal was to better fit the needs of those who are raising their birds for food and the backyard chicken lovers. The initial goal was to have dual purpose, great layers, and those fancy layers to add that extra pizzazz to your egg basket.

The Line-Up: Black Copper Marans, Lavender Marans, Olive Egger, Cream Legbar, Opal Legbar, White Ameraucana, Blue Salmon Faverolles, Blue Partridge Brahma, English Orpingtons (blue, black, and splash), and Easter Eggers.

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Flock Health


This is definitely the most overlooked supplement for our flock's. The girt comes in three different sizes so it can be used at each stage. This is easily viewed as "a bag of rocks" but these small bits of granite allow your chicken to break down their food and absorb all the nutrients available. This can be fed as free choice and they will eat is as they feel necessary.

Fermented Feed

Feeding fermented feed has been a game changer. Once we started this we noticed an improvement in the health of the flock. Check out our flock health page for more information on what we feed and what we supplement with.


We sell an assortment of chicks for your farm and chicken math needs. The breeds range from heritage, dual purpose, and just a fun mix to bring some color to your egg basket.

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Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available in all of the breeds we offer. For the 2021 season we have some new eggs to offer!

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