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        We ship hatching eggs and chicks to all 50 states for a flat rate. 

        Egg Shipping Information:

        • Hatching eggs are sent priority mail at a flat rate of $23 
        • Eggs that are older than five days old are not shipped
        • Eggs usually arrive within 2-3 days
        • Eggs will arrive at the local post office and the postal worker will call and advise the package has arrived
        • Hatching Tips are included in the box
        • Two dozen can be shipped at one time
        • Eggs are placed in a biodegradable egg flat and packed with pine shavings. 
        • Shipped eggs are a risk and hatch rates cannot be guaranteed. 
        • Once the package has been dropped at the Post Office we are not responsible for what happens to the shipment. 
        • We do not guarantee hatch rates, but if you have a less that 50% rate please contact us as soon as possible


        Chick Shipping Information:

        • Chicks are shipped priority express at $50 flat rate
        • Chicks usually arrive between 1-3 days.
        • Once the chicks have arrived at the post office the postal worker will call and advise. 
        • A minimum of  10 chicks are required for shipping
        • Chicks are shipped in a biodegradable box, contents are also biodegradable 
        • A heat pack, grogel, and herbs are included at no extra cost. 
        • Shipping chicks can be rough, so if there are any casualties please let us know the day the chicks arrive. I know it is difficult, but please include pictures.