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        Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:


        1.Do you vaccinate your chicks for Mareks?

        No, we do not vaccinate our chicks for Mareks. 


        2. Do you carry other breeds you do not have listed? 

        No, we don't. The only breeds we carry are the ones we have listed on our chicks page. 


        3. How long does it take for an order to ship?

        There are so many factors when shipping eggs and chicks. It depends on how many pre-orders are pending, but can take up to 4 weeks for eggs and 6 weeks for chicks. We try to get them out as soon as we can, but sometimes the hens have other plans. 


        4. Is farm pick-up available?

        Yes, it sure is! Just select farm pick-up at check out and you will receive an email when your order is ready. 


        5. Are you guys certified organic?

        No, we are not but we follow organic practices. We feed an organic feed, do not use antibiotics, or vaccinate our flock. 


        6. Do you guys offer freezer ready chickens?

        Yes, starting in May of 2021 whole chickens will be available for local pick-up only. 


         7. Do you sex the chicks?

        No, the chicks are sold as straight run. This means there is a 50/50 shot that a chick may end up a male. The Cream Legbar and Opal Legbar are the two breeds that are able to be sexed at hatch. 


        8. Is your farm NPIP certified?

        Yes, we are, and we are able to ship nationwide.