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        It always starts with one chicken, right? Then the discovery of colored eggs happens, and before you know it you have become a chicken nerd. Suddenly you have loads of chickens, but you need more… we always need more. I am a chicken nerd, and I love it. I have read countless books on genetics, breeds, and husbandry. I have spent an alarming amount of time on the computer researching breeds, and what I felt was the best selection for our family. 

        We began selling chickens locally about two years ago, and really enjoyed it. Then we decided to take the next logical step and get our NPIP certification. Last year we became certified, and its been great!

        We have heritage breeds, a few dual-purpose breeds, and some breeds that are less common than others. The breeds we have chosen have proved to have the best temperament. We have small children, and their safety is our first priority. Any bird that has shown any behavior that we are not comfortable with is removed from the breeding program. 

        Thank you for trusting us to help you choose the best chickens for you and your family.