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        Our Flocks Health 

             A topic we all care so much about! With a healthy flock we benefit from our chickens so much more. A healthy flock means a more consistent egg production (not counting the normal fall and winter slowdown), egg fertility, and  healthier chicks just to name a few reasons! This page is full of tips and links of products I use to keep our flock healthy and free from having to use antibiotics.


        An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
        ~ Benjamin Franklin 


             Here are some poultry health references from University of California Davis that I have found helpful. There is a lot of information between these websites! Information on how to care for your flock, feed plans, prevention of disease, how to treat common issues, and common parasites. This only names a few of the important topics. 


        Poultry Information:

        University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

        UC Davis Poultry Health 

        Pests of Poultry Veterinary Entomology

        Texas Small Acreage Program


             Here are the supply links to the products I use and have found helpful through the years. We sell the Ropa products! Most of these items can be found at your local feed store or grocery store. The kelp can also be found Amazon, but this is just where I order it from. 


        Ropa Poultry Complete - we sell this!

        Ropa Liquid Oregano - we sell this!

        Kelp for Animals

        Apple Cider Vinegar

        Nutri-Drench Poultry

        Verm-X Liquid Wormer

        Vet-RX Poultry Aid