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        We do offer a live chick guarantee if the chicks arrive on or before the guaranteed date. If the chicks arrive after the guaranteed date and there are casualties the buyer will need to contact USPS to make a claim. Please advise us as soon as possible if this happens so we can help. 

        Extra chicks are included in case one or two perish on the way. If your shipment arrives on time and there are still casualties, please send pictures the day you get them. Please take the ones who survived out of the box and please send an email to arustedroost@gmail.com pictures of the deceased chicks in the box. I know it is difficult, but these pictures are incredibly important for us and how we handle your situation. The USPS has not been handling these express packages as they should be. 

        We do not offer a refund for shipped eggs. Once that box reaches the post office it is out of our control. If your box is damaged and eggs are broken please file a claim with the USPS. Shipped eggs are always a risk. We are unable to tell if all eggs are fertile or all will hatch. We ship eggs that are five days old or less and in great condition.  We do not guarantee hatching rates, but if you have a poor hatch of less than 50% please email us. 

        If you wish to cancel your order that is ok, but we do charge 5% to do so. This is due to the charges of the initial purchase from the credit card company, PayPal, and Shopify. This 5% covers those costs. 

        If you wish to cancel your chick order after the shipping label has been made we charge 50%

        We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any of the Farm Gear or gift cards.