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        We have a wide range of heritage breeds for your family to enjoy. If you're like me, you love a basket loaded with colorful eggs. So exercise your chicken math skills and fill your coop with some of our lovely breeds. There is a 10 chick minimum for shipped chicks to ensure they stay warm enough. If you don't want 10 no problem, I will have Cream Legbar males to add to your order. 

        We give a 10% discount to military, law enforcement, and first responders, so if you or your spouse fall into this category be sure to let us know to get your coupon code! 

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        The Lavender Marans are a farm favorite. These, like the Black Copper Marans, are calm and docile. They lay a lighter brown egg than the Black Copper Marans do, although some of the eggs have a heavy bloom that gives...

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